# HILA5 __Version Control__ * 2017-05-17 Markku-Juhani O. Saarinen: Web page public. * 2017-07-05 Slight update on the paper (title). * 2017-07-13 Link to the self-contained "demo". * 2017-09-03 The OpenSSL patch temporarily out of sync. * 2017-09-23 Initial version of the NIST submission package. * 2017-11-24 Version 1.0 NIST Submission package. * 2018-03-22 Little update. HILA5 is of course IND-CPA. Corrected page 17. * 2018-06-02 Minor updates: NIST conf slides. * 2018-08-03 Round5 published. HILA5 discontinued. ### Status **OBSOLETE.** In August 2018 the HILA5 project was discontinued. As a result of a submission "merger", I'm now continuing as a team member of the [ROUND5](https://mjos.fi/round5) project. This material is maintained here for historical purposes. In December 2017 HILA5 was found to be a "Complete and Proper" submission and is therefore one of the official NIST PQC Round 1 candidates. Submission package is available at the [NIST Web Site](https://csrc.nist.gov/projects/post-quantum-cryptography/round-1-submissions) and in [github](https://github.com/mjosaarinen/hila5). ## Papers and Other Documentation Markku-Juhani O. Saarinen: *"HILA5: On Reliability, Reconciliation, and Error Correction for Ring-LWE Encryption"* Proc. [SAC 2017](http://sacworkshop.org/SAC17/SAC2017.htm), LNCS 10719, pp. 192-212, Springer, 2018. Also available as [IACR ePrint 2017/424](https://eprint.iacr.org/2017/424). I spoke about HILA5 at the [First PQC Standardization Conference](https://csrc.nist.gov/events/2018/first-pqc-standardization-conference), Fort Lauderdale, April 11-13, 2018. Slides: [nisth5talk.pdf](nisth5talk.pdf). Here's a poster I made for the [5th ETSI Quantum Safe Workshop](http://www.etsi.org/news-events/events/1173-etsi-iqc-quantum-safe-workshop-2017) in September 2017: [hila5poster.pdf](https://mjos.fi/hila5/hila5poster.pdf). ## Technical Specs The [technical specification](https://github.com/mjosaarinen/hila5/raw/master/Supporting_Documentation/hila5spec.pdf) (part of the NIST submission) contains a more detailed description, geared towards implementation. This version corrects the IND-CCA error on page 17. ### Code The NIST submission package contains a reference implementation and an optimized implementation (both are in C). You can always find the latest version of the HILA5 submission files on github: [https://github.com/mjosaarinen/hila5](https://github.com/mjosaarinen/hila5). Sam Scott has written a [Rust HILA5 Implementation](https://github.com/samscott89/hila5-rs). The prototype OpenSSL integration of HILA5 as a TLS key exchange ciphersuite lives [here](https://mjos.fi/hila5/tls.html). This is outdated now. **Cheers!** -- Markku