# HILA5 __Version Control__ * 2017-05-17 Markku-Juhani O. Saarinen: Web page public. * 2017-07-05 Slight update on the paper (title). * 2017-07-13 Link to the self-contained "demo". * 2017-09-03 The OpenSSL patch temporarily out of sync. * 2017-09-23 Initial version of the NIST submission package. ### The paper Markku-Juhani O. Saarinen: *"HILA5: On Reliability, Reconciliation, and Error Correction for Ring-LWE Encryption"* is available as [IACR ePrint 2017/424](https://eprint.iacr.org/2017/424). Proc [SAC 2017](http://sacworkshop.org/SAC17/SAC2017.htm), to appear. There's also a poster ( [pdf](https://mjos.fi/hila5/hila5poster.pdf), [svg](https://mjos.fi/hila5/hila5poster.svg) ) that I made for [ETSI / IQC Quantum Safe Workshop](http://www.etsi.org/news-events/events/1173-etsi-iqc-quantum-safe-workshop-2017) in September 2017. ### NIST Submission Package There is a self-contained HILA5 KEM implementation available in the draft NIST submission package [https://github.com/mjosaarinen/hila5](https://github.com/mjosaarinen/hila5). This is where you may always find the latest version of the NIST submission package (Submission deadline is November 30, 2017). Details of submission requirements can be found at the [New NIST Web Site](https://csrc.nist.gov/Projects/Post-Quantum-Cryptography/Post-Quantum-Cryptography-Standardization/Submission-Requirements). ### OpenSSL Integration The prototype OpenSSL integration of HILA5 as a TLS key exchange ciphersuite lives [here](https://mjos.fi/hila5/tls.html). **Cheers!** -- Markku